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Siteground Tutorial | Everything You Need To Know


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In this video I share my opinion about Siteground and teach you everything I know about Siteground. I will talk about getting a domain name an webhosting, installing WordPress, installing SSL, creating an email adres, using webmail, using a client like Mac Mail, Microsoft Outlook or your phone, Imap Mail, upgrading your Siteground package, add a second domain, install wordpress on the second domain, uninstall WordPress, redirect a domain and cancel your webhosting account at Siteground.

Here is an overview with timestamps:
01:03 What Is Webhosting
01:18 Why Siteground
03:13 Get Webhosting
07:59 Install WordPress
10:34 Install SSL
12:07 Get an Email Address
12:50 Use Webmail
14:23 Verify Your Domain
18:23 Use an Email Client
18:50 Create a subdomain
20:22 Upgrade Package
21:25 Add A Second Domain
23:14 Redirect a Domain
23:50 Cancel your Account

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